The best life coach you’ll ever meet is yourself

Integrating Performance Art with The Phenomenology of Feelings.

Think like a man – Feel like a boy.”
– Greg Ellis

About the Founder

My professional stage name is Greg Ellis, and my career as a professional artist spans forty years in all mediums of the entertainment industry. I’ve acted in Oscar winning movies, directed Hollywood super-stars, produced and written television shows and commercials, performed on the West End stage, voiced cartoon characters for movies, tv series, video games and toys and published two books.

In 2016 I immersed myself in the study of  the phenomenology of feelings –  how we experience and express emotion. In 2017 I visited India twice to further extend my learning of eastern rituals, philosophies and culture and taught phenomenologically to children in impoverished areas – an orphanage for boys with HIV and schools built in the slums.

I created the Alive Coaching model as a dynamic nexus for people to harness positive growth in how they relate in all aspects of life. I help clients access feelings at preconscious levels of experience using techniques of deep play (creative expression) and felt sense (bringing awareness inside the body). I incorporate all forms of the artistic expression within my practices and tailor my workshops to suit personal and business clientle with a focus on fun.

I believe humans currently face a multitude of challenges in the western hemisphere, not least of which is our inter-relational behavior, in our pressured workplace environments and stressful home lives. My mission is to shape phenomenal experiences for my clients.