The Dissident Captive

35 Minutes 48 Seconds

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About This Episode

The court of public opinion had tried, judged and sentenced me to solitary confinement within the confines of my mind. The cerebral intelligencia had executed a most successful coup d’etat. The Queen was affording me liberation. A chance to break free from the shackles of my childhood trauma by exiling me to a legacy of pain inside the Pandora’s Box of hope.

She was murdering me slowly. An agonizing death.


Chance by Kai Engel
January by Kai Engel
Ice Where Your Parents Love Should Be by Kyle Preston
Seeker by Kai Engel
Harbor by Kai Engel
Far From Home by Kai Engel
Tannhauser Gate by Tri-Tachyon

All music sourced from and used under attribution license
Modification of the original compositions may have occurred.