The 3rd Eye of Perceptibility

37 Minutes 20 Seconds

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About This Episode

I wrestled the pillow that was suffocating my face and stopping me from breathing, away from me. Finally. I could breath.

The shadowy figure with the pillow turned away from me and calmly walked back to his own mortuary slab bed on the other side of the room.

Trapped… in a waking nightmare I could no longer control.

Episode Transcript

In an age of cosmic connection, why do we feel so disconnected? In an age of reason, why do we feel so unreasonable? In an age of intellectual feasts, why do we feel such emotional frenzy? In an age of insight, why do we feel so blind? In an age of suffering, why do we feel so insufferable? Focus on star and it shifts away from the mind’s eye. Focus on space and it remains constant within its nebulous. This is the paradox of love.Read Less Transcript


Gaia The Oneness by Are Sonor
Far From Home by Kai Engel
Ice Where Your Parents Love Should Be by Kyle Preston
One Moment by Bortex
Harbor by Kai Engel

All music sourced from and used under attribution license
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