Folies à Deux

25 Minutes 15 Seconds

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About This Episode

Write down all the bank account usernames and passwords she instructed. I dutifully obliged her, unaware I was signing my entire financial life away and assigning myself into homelessness.

Episode Transcript

Filled up and fuelled by her mother’s failings,
Flailing upwards,
Spiralling down to unfeeling mediocrity,
Unaware of insobriety, in society,
She weaves,
Waving flags of attack dogs into the savage fray.
The acceptor -delusionary receptive,
The primary -elusively deceptive,
Repeating maladies old and new,
Of a madness shared by two.

Cunning stunts,
Symptomatically devious fronts,
Wants ordered by the General,
With needy, greedy expedient weaponry,
Housed in hollowed-out war chests,
Malodious melancholic reactionary action men,
Repeating maladies old and new,
Of a madness shared by two.

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Tumult by Kai Engel
Harbor by Kai Engel
Difference by Kai Engel

All music sourced from and used under attribution license
Modification of the original compositions may have occurred.