Thought is Born of Failure

    Thought is Born of Failure

    Thought is Born of Failure 400 400 The Alive Institute

    The Failing Phenomena

    F-A-I-L or First Attempt In Learning

    When we are born into this world our senses ignite.  A total immersion into the outer world of phenomena gushes forth into our lived experience.

    Our ‘life plot’ thickens into a story brewed at inception…

    Awareness of Failure

    Soon, phenomenal preconsciousness gives way to existential reason

    If we are born into functional families, formed with healthy emotional boundaries, secure environments less rife with judgement and punishment (shaming), we are afforded more opportunity for our lived experience to be less traumatic.

    “Thinking is birthed by our founders – Thought is Born of Failure”

    The Sense Maker

    Only when our actions fail to satisfy our human needs is there ground for thought.  When we focus attention to any problem we are really confessing a lack of adjustment which we must stop to reconsider.

    The greater the failure the more searching is the kind of thought necessary if we are to successfully overcome yet another first attempt in learning.

    Our feelings are birthed in the union of our parents.

    If we look to how we were related to within our family of origin we will begin to see more clearly how our ancestors behavior scripts are patterned deep within our paternal lineage.



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