What is Intimacy?

    What is Intimacy?

    What is Intimacy? 400 399 The Alive Institute

    What is Intimacy?

    Simply put, intimacy is closeness.

    Three ‘A’ words to help us define the fluid stages of progression as we move closer to understanding the fundamentals of intimacy.

    • Awareness (a sense of Being with self)
    • Awakening (a sense of Becoming within ourselves)
    • Acceptance (a sense of Beloved by self and with others)

    Awareness (Self Intimacy)

    A sense of awareness, of Being known to ones self.

    Being intimate is knowing and being known to ones self.  It is self awareness of how we feel and begin to think.  This is perception.  How we intimate.

    Being intimate is self communion.  It is how we relate with ourselves.  That ongoing inner conversation we have with ourselves can be gentle and calm one moment then stormy and turbulent the next.  The gentle mind ripples and crashing brain waves of our own thoughts processing through the weather veins of our knowing self.  This is the internal relationship of the conscious mind.

    Awakening (Self Intimation)

    A sense of awakening and becoming known to ones self.

    Becoming more knowing and known.  The Self awakening to how we optimize our thoughts, how we think about ourself.  This is self perception.  How we intimate with self.

    So how do we chart a course to more intimacy?

    Awakening self intimation requires acceptance.

    Acceptance (Other Intimacy)

    A sense of acceptance, of being and becoming beloved so that we may be known by another.

    Beloved. Acceptance of our loving self (self love) is when we open up to closeness and is how we become intimate with another.  It is a communion with another.  Sharing our thoughts on the surface and making known the vulnerable feelings that come up from the submerged sub-conscious depths of our felt senses.

    Connecting with healthy feelings and having the courage to expose emotions without aggression and anger requires acceptance of innate human traits and requires new methods of non-violent communication in how we relate with ourselves first so we may be loved by others.

    Intimacy is awareness of our Being. Becoming awakened within ourselves so that we may accept love and Beloved by others.

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